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Crunchy Conservatives
Now and then 
7th-Feb-2007 05:52 pm
You know, one of the reasons why there is not a whole lot of posting on this LJ groups is because Rod Dreher's blog has such a good com-box. I have actually taken part in it, and Rod actually personally responded to my post. I think the number of people taking part in conversation has grown since then (1 year). I use a RSS reader to view his blog, but it makes it a little more difficult to get to the com-boxes.

I have noticed a few more changes to his life since the publishing of his book:
  • his wife Julie no longer homeschools their children, opting for a local Evangelical Christian school
  • he has recently converted to Orthodox Christianity (from Roman Catholicism)
  • his household has a new baby, so they have 2 boys and a baby girl
Are there any other changes I have not covered? Does this in any way change how you view the issues he brings up in his book?
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